welcome to define:tchnlgy

Thanks for stopping by as the define:tchnlgy podcast gets ready to launch!

As the podcast episodes start to come together, I wanted to get things going here and lay the foundation for what’s to come.

The podcast will be a series of interview with top business leaders from around Central Florida and beyond.  The format is a casual discussion about how those executives and experts have actually used technology to establish and grow their businesses and communities. Stories of successes, and failures, will help to demonstrate to other entrepreneurs that many of those experiences are universal, and the unique ones provide even better stories of perseverance and celebration.

Once the first episodes get launched, the plan is to have a new episode every two-weeks, and more often if possible.

There may also be special episodes showcasing some of the best technology being produced by innovative companies in the Orlando, Florida area, discussions with those in the community who support the growth of local and regional business, and even some national figures should the opportunities arise.

We’ll stay away from politics, sports or religion, except when the conversation about particular relevant technologies make it interesting.

There will also be a smattering of my own musings, both written here as blog posts – starting with a series originally posted on LinkedIn – and (less frequently) as podcast episodes.  These are more general insights into technology as a whole – I’ll leave the cool stuff to the experts I’ll be interviewing.