How do you define technology?

Technology: Webster defines it as “the practical application of knowledge”.

Brittanica does even better – “the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life or, as it is sometimes phrased, to the change and manipulation of the human environment”.

With knowledge being (potential) power, applying that knowledge in a “practical” way becomes the technology we use. Often technology is confused with or interpreted as those things we define as “high tech”, when it’s really much broader than that. Great technology can be a process that you’ve developed or adopted which improves, or at least changes, the way business is done. Many advancements in medicine have followed this model. It can be a series of ideas that bring about changes in thought and behavior on the broader level – that’s what innovations in software essentially boil down to.

Technological advancements in equipment and materials are pretty easy to define – you can see and touch them, put them in your pocket, watch a new movie on them, vacuum your house by remote control with them, or strap them to your car and push a button to send them to Mars orbit with a mannequin for a driver.

Psychology and sociology have contributed to the advancement of technology (and vice versa) by increasing the awareness of certain societal needs – and challenging the “technical community” of the day to rise to the challenge. In the past this spawned the agricultural and industrial revolutions, and today inspires many to adopt new technologies in ways never before considered. Orlando Tech Association recently gathered the local technical community to help out a number of great charities and got some great results, most of which are on now ongoing and growing.

So let me pose a question to you: What technologies do you use, I mean really, actively use, to make your business or organization a success?  Are the good ones spectacular and insanely innovative, or maybe a little used and tired, but still work for you? How do you define and differentiate those special technologies that actually move the needle, the ones that you know for a fact have propelled your business forward – maybe they’ve even surprised you by how much the environment changed due to their implementation.  On the other side, have you tried some shiny, new system, piece of equipment, or a specialized process, only to conclude that maybe an older technology, used in a new manner, solved the problem even better?

And you might ask me, what is TCHNLGY? Aside from the removal of vowels, TCHNLGY looks at how business is done through a new lens, asking questions and questioning the answers, with the goal of applying practical knowledge, and even considering the impractical from time to time, just for fun, to change the human environment, hopefully for the better. Stay tuned for more insights and discussions.

This article was originally published  on LinkedIn August 21, 2018