Episode 007 – Kelli Murray – CEO MedSpeaks and Health Innovators

After hearing her speak at RE:VIZE , I was eager to get the chance to sit down with Kelli Murray, CEO of Medspeaks and Health Innovators, over coffee at Winter Park’s (Florida) beautiful Alfond Inn for a discussion on the technology of healthcare administration, concentrating on data, innovation and where new technologies are making a difference, and where there may be challenges and opportunities for growth.

The subject of electronic medical records, and how that data is gathered, stored, shared, and used, brings Kelli’s entrepreneurial mindset, as well as her passion about this growing and important technology to the forefront.  She discusses how the challenges of wrangling EMR databases into useful tools across multiple services and healthcare organizations are a daunting, but clear opportunity for the right company looking to make their mark in that sector.

As an investor in startups and an adviser to tech companies, Kelli gives insight on the things those firms should pay attention to and how some of the ones she has invested in, such as TSO Life, improve and grow by looking at how big the problem they are addressing is, and could they become a part of a larger corporation, bringing in technology and methodologies those companies are looking for to grow into new and emerging markets.

Kelli also has strong feelings regarding Florida’s and specifically the Orlando area’s record in healthcare, ranking 48th in the nation for healthcare according to a Commonwealth Fund Report, (Orlando’s metropolitan  ranking of 250 can be found here) however she remains hopeful that the local tech and startup community can work with larger institutions to improve that situation, and Orlando can bring innovative solutions to rest of the world.