Episode 005 – Rocket – Founder – I Am Rocket LLC

Human. Capitol. Accelerated.

This is how Orlando and UK based leadership coach Rocket positions himself and his work with business leaders and start-ups across the globe.  He can be found at www.rocketman.life, the home of his company I Am Rocket LLC.  Rocket’s emphasis on the human element provides an insightful perspective on how technology is approached and used in the advancement of companies and their leaders.

Joining the podcast from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Rocket and I discuss how technology affects leadership within the companies he works with and consults.  BTW, Rocket is not a fan of the word “consultant”.

One of his tech passions is “conversation as a service”, utilizing artificial intelligence to help break down communication barriers, using it as a real-time interpretation service.  He has a focus on bringing technology to various communities and companies for the benefit of the people involved.

Rocket champions the efforts of companies such as secure simulation SDK (software development kit) firm Simudyne, supporting their technology working within the UK financial system.  He also is very active in funding startups around the world via investment teams such as Swoop in the UK and Ireland, raising over a quarter-billion dollars for startups and small business. Another company Rocket highlights in the conversation-as-a-service space is Futr.ai creating A.I. super-charged voice and chat bots.

Rocket has been and continues to be an advocate of the Orlando area, and after a couple decades across the ocean recently returned and has been a positive voice in the choir raising the area’s reputation around the world.

He has great advice for startups looking for funding, starting with how they should know their goals and aspirations clearly right out of the gate, and aim for significance more than relevance.  He says that ambiguity is a hindrance to getting funded, so be clear on your “ask”.