Episode 004 – Rupert Meghnot – CEO Burnout Game Ventures

From the bustling scene at Winter Park’s Mon Petit Cheri, Episode Four is a somewhat caffeinated conversation with Burnout Game Ventures‘ Chief Experience Officer, Rupert Meghnot.  Rupert has extensive experience in the training and simulation space, the gaming industry, and helping hundreds of startups launch and experience success.

The discussion steers through some of the history of the gaming industry and community, but also touches on entrepreneurship, software coding, arcades verses console-based game systems and Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences.

One passion Rupert has is in how businesses use (or fail to use) the concepts of process and project management.  He feels, and I would end to agree, that the technologies used in business need to keep in mind how important process is to success.  We discuss some of the popular project management tools such as Jira, Microsoft Project, Hansoft, Trello, and the go-to Microsoft Excel, but he feels that they rarely get used to their fullest capabilities.

Rupert gives a shout-out to Gamer Meetups, a local startup which recently won the Techstars Global Startup Weekend.  The company, brainchild of Full Sail University student Victoria Dante, marks the second year in a row an Orlando-based startup has taken top prize.   We both agree that the Orlando area has great potential for becoming more of a leader in technological growth, and that local leadership needs to continue to work as a community to foster innovation.

Bringing up the world shown in movies such as Ready Player One, and another reference to Luminar Technologies and LiDAR technology, prompted talk about how the technologies growing in games could be used in other areas, circling back around to the importance of honing the processes of project, business, and technology growth.