About TCHNLGY (and Scott Hill)

TCHNLGY is a creative and logistical project resource for companies needing an innovative approach to solving problems and designing new experiences. Looking at how your project will impact the whole of your business is the key.
 Not limited to a single source for equipment, personnel, design, or execution, TCHNLGY can approach your projects from the perspective of what YOU need, not just what we can do.

Your project is a success when your perspective is understood and your goals are fulfilled. Your project is not just the outcome, but the whole of the process – from Concept to Fruition – and all the steps in between.

With the resources of multiple disciplines, I bring a unique skill set and perspective to projects and events.  Every project has its own personality, and everyone involved sees that project from their own point of view.  From working directly with clients, vendors, technicians and designers, I have developed the insight to bring those perspectives together to achieve spectacular results.
I have 30+ years of entertainment and audio/visual production, and 15+ years of B2B experience, including sales, marketing, manufacturer representation, as well as customer service.

Operationally I have managed large projects, events and crews. I have created scheduling and product tracking systems, budgets, proposals, sales quoting systems, and marketing strategies.

If your project needs a fresh viewpoint, get in touch with me and let’s talk.